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    I've noticed that Zavvi has added additional details to their Disney exclusive Blu-rays.

    The Zavvi Disney SteelBook Collection

    1. Aladdin (The Disney Collection #1) - 08/07/2013
    2. The Jungle Book (The Disney Collection #2) - 12/08/2013
    3. The Little Mermaid (The Disney Collection #3) - 23/09/2013
    4. Wreck-It Ralph (The Disney Collection #4) - 01/12/2014
    5. Planes (The Disney Collection #5) - 09/12/2014
    6. Fantasia (The Disney Collection #6) - 10/02/2014
    7. Peter Pan (The Disney Collection #7) - 10/02/2014
    8. Lady and the Tramp (The Disney Collection #8) - 17/02/2014
    9. Dumbo (The Disney Collection #9) - 17/02/2014
    10. 101 Dalmations (The Disney Collection #10) - 16/03/2014
    11. Alice in Wonderland (The Disney Collection #11) - 16/03/2014
    12. Frozen 3D (The Disney Collection #12) - 31/03/2014
    13. Not yet announced (The Disney Collection #13) - Unknown
    14. Cinderella (The Disney Collection #14) - 07/04/2014
    15. Mary Poppins (The Disney Collection #15) - 05/03/2014
    16. Robin Hood (The Disney Collection #16) - 04/06/2014
    17. Pinocchio (The Disney Collection #17) - 04/06/2014
    18. Hercules (The Disney Collection #18) - 04/06/2014

    The Zavvi Pixar SteelBook Collection

    1. Finding Nemo (The Pixar Collection #1) - 03/06/2013
    2. Monsters University (The Pixar Collection #2) - 25/11/2014
    3. Toy Story (The Pixar Collection #3) - 13/01/2014
    4. Toy Story 2 (The Pixar Collection #4) - 13/01/2014
    5. Toy Story 3 (The Pixar Collection #5) - 13/01/2014
    6. Monsters Inc. 3D/2D (The Pixar Collection #6) - 17/02/2014
    7. Up 3D/2D (The Pixar Collection #7) - 17/02/2014
    8. Cars 3D/2D (The Pixar Collextion #8) - 31/12/2014
    9. Brave 3D (The Pixar Collection #9) - 07/04/2014

    Will try to keep it up to date with future releases.
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Discussion in 'Blu-Ray/HD SteelBooks' started by Waks_Trode, Aug 16, 2013.

    1. Gemini-Phoenix
      I doubt Trn and Rocketeer would be part of the set, otherwise Who Framed Roger Rabbit would have been the first. I think this will be strictly the animated features

      I also doubt that they will go through the entire Disney Classics (52) and Pixar back catalogue, especially as some of those are not very big sellers (Ie, Saludos Amigos, The Three Caballeros, Make Mine Music, Fun And Fancy Free, Melody Time, Ichabod & Mr Toad etc). It would be nice, but I can't see it happening. If this was their plan, then they should have started numbering the spines

      Something else I find frustrating is how some have had J-cards, and others have not. Finding Nemo and Jungle Book did, whereas Roger Rabbit and Aladdin did not
    2. Waks_Trode
      Well, I'm not sure Roger Rabbit will be part of it. I don't have a copy but as I recall it wasn't strictly a Disney release, even though Disney characters were present.

      I'd be amazed if they release the ones you mentioned on Blu-ray at all, let alone SteelBook. I would love it, but as you say they just aren't popular enough. I predict it will run to about SteelBook #20 and then they'll lose interest.

      Interesting that Cars 2 and John Carter aren't included. This supports your view that Tron and The Rocketeer won't be included.

      Fingers crossed for Newsies.
    3. navelludd
      I welcome all thoose titles mentioned as SteelBook actually, my Disney collection spans 1-50 on DVD and all present Blurays (got all on VHS aswell, lol).
      My goal would be having all on BD + a Premium edition for the collection.
      I doubt seeing thoose titles as a Premium though :(
    4. vhal_x
      Weird how Aladdin is number 1, and Finding Nemo number 2, considering they came out in the opposite order. And shouldn't the Jungle Book be number 3, and The Little Mermaid number 4?
    5. Gemini-Phoenix
      Strictly speaking, it's not specifically Disney. It's Touchstone, which is owned by Disney. I believe The Rocketeer is also a Touchstone production, which was distributed by Buena Vista (another Disney-owned company).

      You'd be surprised how many companies and franchises are owned by The Walt Disney Company!
    6. Gemini-Phoenix
      Don't forget Prince Of Persia and Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, although those weren't Zavvi releases

      I think this is purely a Zavvi numbering convention, and not a very good one at that!
    7. vhal_x

      Aladdin did have a J-Card. Not sure about Roger Rabbit, my copy is upstairs still sealed. Can't remember if it has one or not.
    8. Waks_Trode
      Yes it's a stupid one to start numbering again too as the standard Disney releases also have numbers down the side. I guess Monsters University could be included in the series. Hope some more of those go on sale soon...
    9. stevew1978
      Roger Rabbit had a J-Card

    10. levi
      i would prefer if they kept it to the animations. dumbo and Pinocchio please.
    11. stevew1978
      Yeh me too, would love a release of all the Disney classics, i have the US versions with slipcover as they are so much better than the UK version which doesn't have a slip.
    12. stevew1978
      Very odd why Jungle Book is not in the numbered collection as that's a classic :confused:
    13. navelludd
      Finding Nemo isn't #2 though, The Jungle Book is.

      See above :)
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    14. Waks_Trode
      Good spot navelludd. I've updated the original post. Serves me right for my double checking.
    15. navelludd
      I assume Wreck-It Ralph will be the next one on the list as its a Disney Classic.
      Highly unlikely though that Monsters University will be one of theese as its a Disney/Pixar title (just like Finding Nemo).
    16. Gemini-Phoenix
      My mistake. I meant to write Cars 2 didn't come with a J-card.

      I will admit my memory of Roger Rabbit is shady, and I could've sworn that one didn't have one. Both that and Aladdin are different to the Jungle Book one though in the sense that they are not noticeable from the spine.

      I would have liked the Disney Classics titles to have had their official Classic number at the top of each spine, just like the regular releases do
    17. navelludd
      TOP of each spine... you're crazy, and i hope Disney UK are smart enough and doesn't add the numbers to the spines...
      1. They already started releasing them so it would make a complete set inconsistent.
      2. Disney's Classic number aren't the same worldwide.
      - Don't come and say "It's ment for the UK market", if it was they would never had printed 10k copies!
      3. The numbering design aren't the same worldwide either.

      I prefer no number on theese, this way i can display them in numeric (Swedish) order.
      #1 DVD
      #1 BD
      #1 SteelBook/VMB/DIGIBOOK
      #2 DVD
      #2 BD
      #2 SteelBook/VMB/DIGIBOOK
      ..... and so on
      Adding the UK numbering would really Really mess my collection up :/
    18. Gemini-Phoenix
      I meant the universal Classics numbers. Eg, Lion King is #32. They should have had these from the start, but there's no point in them being numbered now that they've already released several

      Like I say, I think this is just Zavvi trying to mimic what Blufans and Entertainment Store do with their exclusive releases. There's no real necessity to do it, and serves no purpose for the likes of us. Obviously somebody at Zavvi wanted to sex-up the collector's scene and make it slightly more glamorous than it actually is! :p
    19. levi
      or its just bad planning/vision. ie they secured one or two disney films, released them. THEN had the idea to make a series (like i suggested lol) but by that time they already had films released.

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