By DemonRik on May 20, 2017 at 12:38 AM
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    Just bringing to your attention some new features in case you missed them

    2 factor Authentication
    This was added a while back but I don't see many using it, so just letting you know it exists.
    To enable just go to your account page
    And over on the left bar is the option for 2 step verification

    External Accounts
    You can now associate your steelbookhunterz account with your google (facebook and twitter to come) and discord accounts.
    Again head over to your account page and select the menu for external accounts then authenticate with those accounts

    Discord Integration
    Toying with this one. The forum is now linked to a discord server. Once you associate your account you will be able to log into the discord server for chat (voice and text) and we have a bot that will update you with ongoings on the forum.
    Am not 100% sure this will replace the shoutbox at this time - will depend on who comes on over.
    I like discord because it has good apps for Android and IOS and thus could work well for those that just come on to the site for the shoutbox alone :)
    Will monitor the use of it

    I added a plugin for blogging last update.
    To be honest it's not working out too well, and I'm looking at better options. Will be back once I get something up and running that does it better, then will work with @Gemini-Phoenix who is the only one so far to have posted any to migrate.

    All uploaded images are now watermarked.
    Yes - the image is crap right now.. but I'm working on it, and once I have something I like it will be quick to apply.

    Portal Changes
    I've changed to a different/updated portal system.
    You will see changes, and probably some issues as I pick through the various options


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DemonRik, May 20, 2017.

    1. Gemini-Phoenix
      I'll hold off posting more to the blog until we know for certain what we're going to do with it. It'll be easier to copy & paste a little than a lot, so the less content we have to transfer, the better.

      I'm not too keen on the Discord idea though - The chatbox we have is functional, and I don't see us all gathering for a pow-wow over voice / video chat anytime soon. If it is disrupting the layout of the portal, you could always just move it to its own page (if the software allows you to), and we'll just access it via a direct page link, but I think it works well where it is. It's also surprisingly on-topic 99% of the time, which is a rarity for a forum chatbox. ;)

      Portal is looking a lot better now though! A lot of relevant information front and foremost. (y)
    2. DemonRik
      We'll figure it out quickly.
      Just working out a workflow, then we'll use you as my lab rat ;)

      I want to keep something for that exact reason... It works.
      But from what I can see we have loading issues with it.
      If I move to its own page then discord could also work since it is just another page.
      Don't think of discord as a voice server, but a very rich chatbox. Can create multiple texting rooms, has dedicated apps and more

      Will have tweaking to do, but coming along

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