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    Am going to try out discord to replace the shoutbox.

    There are some big benefits to doing this.
    1. removes processing off the forum server freeing up processing for other things
    2. Speeds up loading of the portal page once we disable the shoutbox
    3. better for links and other posting (much richer in terms of info pulled in)
    4. better performance and notifications on mobile clients - dedicated apps for android and ios

    There are also dedicated apps for windows, mac and linux debian or linux generic, or via web browser

    At first glance your probably wondering why I'm moving us to a Voice Server!!
    But it's more than that, and you don't need to use the voice to make use of the application/server.
    I have dedicated bot setup so any new threads or posts are posted onto the text channel, so consider it just a different way to experience the content.

    To use discord you will need to create an account there. And then associate that account with your account here on steelbookhunterz under the external accounts link
    Once you have the association done just read to join the server.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DemonRik, May 20, 2017.

    1. DemonRik
      If you're having difficulties joining the server (make sure you have verified your email with discord), then try this link to join the SBHZ server
    2. assassin
      Great job @DemonRik with working on the site/our community. I'm late to the party when it comes to Discord, but it is apparently the latest and greatest thing right now for groups to communicate. Like you said, voice is optional, so essentially it seems like it will be just like the original shoutbox, except it's located at a different URL than SBH and it is capable of WAY more.

      Downloading the app is pretty slick, otherwise just have a tab open in a browser and you are all set to hop between SBH for posting, and Discord to chat.

      Anyway, @Gemini-Phoenix, @WillBlast, @danno82, @king steelie, @Joe, @navelludd, @PS3_Kiwi, @Tutter, @Phil, @virkia, @Morlock, @LWilko1982, @sputterfat, @jjcool, @BookMan68, (and everyone else who I didn't mention who sees this post), give it a try!

    3. PS3_Kiwi
      @assassin I really didn't like the idea of joining Discord. Now that I have. I can see the benefits.

      I was always against having the shout box on the forum. I thought that it was detrimental to the site. Having chat on Discord is much better.
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    4. assassin
      @PS3_Kiwi You aren't alone feeling that way. A friend of mine who I play games with online has been bugging me to join Discord and I pretty much wasn't interested given I had other options that I've been using. Once I saw SBH move that direction though, I guess it hit home for me that I'm absolutely being left behind if I don't at least take a good look. Turns out, it's pretty cool. I like all the emote options, the way we can easily share pictures on the fly, and the way that it instantly populates the feed with any post on SBH is super impressive.
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    5. Gemini-Phoenix
      I on the other hand feel the opposite, and think it was a valuable feature to use for quickly dumping URL's when not at a PC, and for short-term "disposable topical" conversations about things occurring on a particular day (ie, new announcements or world affairs) that didn't really warrant posting in a forum thread. In my eyes, the forum threads are for things that we want to keep for posterity and reference, whereas the chatbox was for general chit-chat and passing conversation.

      I personally have never been a huge fan of live chatrooms, nor do I particularly like being "chained down" locked in to a live conversation with people. I spend enough of my time replying to texts and WhatsApp messages in real-time. I have always preferred the public forum environment, where I can take as much time as I like to compose myself and reply with a meaningful message. Same goes for social media, blogs, and eMail. Occasionally if I have a spare few minutes I will pop onto the chatbox for a brief live chat with somebody, but for the most part I am happy to just dump my load and move onto my next order of business, then return at a later time to respond to any replies.

      Discord appears to be the new "flavour of the month" app that everybody seems to be migrating to like a flock of sheep. I remember when the must-use app was Skype, then WhatsApp, then Snapchat, then Line, then Facebook Messenger... Anyone remember when AIM, Habbo, Friends Reunited, Bebo, and MySpace were popular? Everybody moved to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The masses are attracted to new apps like moths to flames, but given time most people will lose interest or will discover that their new favourite app changes their privacy policies, suffers a data breach, or ends up spamming you with adverts or spam eMails.

      I'm sure it does fantastic things. So do modern cars with their computer-controlled gadgetry, but it still doesn't mean that the classics are any less functional. Given the choice, I would rather drive a pre-CPU car than a modern car. Likewise, I would rather use a local chatbox on the site than rely on an external third party app that requires users to be a lot more "involved". I barely manage to keep track of all the communities I frequent, and certainly don't need to add unnecessary things like Discord to my list. Therefore you will not be seeing me in public chat. I will, however, still perform my regular duties here as normal, so if you need to bring something to my attention then PM is the best way to do that. (y)
    6. DemonRik
      Completely agree on the long term posterity thing.. forums don't go away when you have stuff to keep track of and want/need to maintain a history.
      Chatbox or chat services should always be an augmentation of the repository and not a replacement.

      And thats where I think you have the idea of the chatbox/shoutbox wrong.
      The chatbox is not for someone to dump an idea and pick it up hours later.. If the chatbox was being used then you would have difficulty keeping track as the chat moves from topic to topic. And that really then plays into why I want to move it.. It takes resources to run a chatbox. If it's not being used for anything more than a dumping ground, it's a waste of resources. Moving the chatbox elsewhere where the resources are free makes a lot of sense. And if that comes with more capabilities and hooks that make it more useful, then even better. You can still use discord as a dumping ground - it's just one more app on your phone, you can turn off notifications - even create your own sub channel so you can use it as your dumping ground should you want.
      To be honest - what you describe sounds more like a Reddit channel ;)

      It's been around a lot longer than a month.. and I wouldn't liken it to anything you have listed above in terms of what it's trying to do. In fact - most of those above are more what you think the chatbox is, and that's where I think you miss the point. WhatsApp is probably the closest, but is meant to be about 'friends' connecting and messaging and not a community where that level of trust just doesn't exist. Skype is about person to person - I could go on. However, just because things move around doesn't mean we shouldn't embrace the good of what they bring. Facebook has been with us a long time despite it's horrible treatment of your privacy, and Discord is an example of something that continues to grow in popularity because it addresses the issues with what came before, and continues to grow faster than it's competitors like Curse which remains stuck in Gaming land.

      And its your prerogative to choose whatever means you feel best suited to how you want to be involved with the community. The forum is the core of the community and will continue to be so - am sure there are others who will/do feel the same.
      There is no requirement to use discord, and even there - there is no requirement to be 'involved' in the chats.
      Discord will continue to be there because it is free and does offer an alternative way to consume the information that for some like me and others prefer.
      Will the chatbox return to the website - unlikely - but will continue to monitor.
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    7. assassin
      Here's my 2 cents on things, which given the length is more than that. There was a mini convo on Discord, so rather than only post this there, I wanted to post it here to continue the conversation with everyone in this thread.

      As I've said before, I'm truthfully okay with Discord or the original Shoutbox. Whichever direction we ultimately go, I'm easy.

      That said, I do see both sides, especially the idea that people have to leave to come and chat elsewhere. When we see people spending more time on Discord not logged in and contributing to the actual site, that's a pretty big negative in my eyes. Plus for people who spend time on their computers, even tabbing (which is what I do), Discord could be considered a hassle by some. Everything was just contained on, and now it isn't.

      Funneling as many people to, in my opinion, is the way to go. It seems that Discord potentially prevents that. If someone is on SBH already, there's a higher chance they will respond to a thread (or create one) and keep the site alive with conversation and content. Discord, while arguably cool, is a new spot for people to gather and chill. As it is, the site notifications became too much and now we have a "chatterbox" channel now, which distanced the Discord chat from even more.

      Now, all that said, I think Discord is pretty cool. For people who are part of multiple communities online who all use Discord, this IS the definition of convenience. From what I'm seeing, this allows someone to essentially participate in a ton of chatrooms at once, all with voice capability, and direct ties to PC gaming (it even shows which game you are playing next to your name). It's totally free, it's very capable in terms of chatting and posting and using emotes, and just the whole visual aspect is really clean.

      Anyway, as I've said before, I'm good either way. I've actually been a part of SteelbookHunterz since 2008, so 9 years this year. I'm not the oldest member, but I've been around back when we had a vastly different set of people here, and I've seen people come and go through the years. Right now, we have a great group, but I'd personally love to see that grow. If Discord is the method to make that happen, I fully support it 110%. If, however, it causes us to lose content/activity on and especially members? I'd be against it in a heartbeat.

      My final cent is this. I get the convenience or inconvenience of Discord or the Shoutbox or whatever chat feature we use. And I guess that leads into a big question. Is the chat feature that important to people? I mean, it seems so, but really... is it? How would things be if we removed the chat entirely? Would people be okay with that? Would people be okay going back to just posting messages in a General Talk thread? Seems archaic, I know, but at least the conversations are content that people (new and old) could come and read and participate in. I'm by no means voting for this (I'm perfectly fine with Discord currently, or even going back to the shoutbox), but I'm trying to think of a compromise. Does anyone have any thoughts on one? Would there be a way to have a widget on the front page of that looks, feels, smells just like the Shoutbox but is tied directly into Discord? That way @Gemini-Phoenix or whoever can chat like before, but those who love Discord get use out of it too?

      Ultimately, to beat a dead horse here, I want to be alive and stay alive. In order for that to happen, at least in my mind, we need active members. We need content being posted, with people discussing and having a reason to visit the site on a regular basis. Maybe the chat IS that reason, and as it is, I think I've chatted more on Discord in the past week than I have in my entire time as a member using whatever form of the Shoutbox we had over the years. One of the most enjoyable conversations was with @WaxWeazle about collectibles not related to SteelBooks. We all show up for the SteelBooks, but are also into other things as well. Having conversations about different things such as statues or video game press kits or whatnot, to me, seems like something that would be great on our actual site in a special thread and not on Discord being lost in the ether of scrolling. I always enjoyed reading over the gadgets/equipment that @Blu-devil picked up, even if I wasn't super into all that stuff. We are a SteelBook community first, but when we have some great conversations going, I'd hate for those to be lost.

      Anyway, there's my novel for today. I started my post drawing a distinct separation to the conversation on Discord and this thread, and I guess that right there shows an issue exists. But then again, the same thing used to happen with the Shoutbox. People would chat only in the Shoutbox and not in threads, and those conversations were lost in time as well. I really don't know what the solution is, but I really hope we all come together to figure something out so that way we all make this place the best it can be.
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    8. Gemini-Phoenix
      The way I see it is, there are things that need to be discussed in a threaded environment and kept for posterity, and casual discussions about currebt affairs and the weather and suchlike that really don't need to be saved for posterity. The internet has a long memory, but no sense in having the kind of discussions we have in chat saved as threads.

      SBH started out without a chat feature, but when we got upgraded we found that it brought us all much closer together, so in that respect I think it is an integral part of our community.
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    9. PS3_Kiwi
      I believe that the shout box was a major factor in us losing some long time members. There just wasn't any threads being used, and the shout box became a UK retailer complaints tool. Glad its gone. Now let's try to build up our member numbers again.

      There are many more countries producing SteelBooks, often much better examples than the UK releases. So let's spread the word on more worldwide SteelBook releases.

      EDIT: Although I don't like the shout box, I prefer to have everything on the one site. So, if we must have somewhere to chat, keep the bloody shout box :D
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