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Discussion in 'Blu-Ray/HD SteelBooks' started by Gemini-Phoenix, Oct 6, 2015.

    1. jjcool
      I assume that is supposed to be Buscemi on the front cover, with the goatee. Looks more like Colin Farrell to me.
    2. Gemini-Phoenix
      I know Tarantino isn't the prettiest of guys, but he looks a lot like Elvis on that artwork!
    3. jjcool
      He is an ugly mofo. And a pretty terrible actor to boot.
    4. Gemini-Phoenix
      His acting isn't too bad in Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, but I will say it's cringe-worthy in From Dusk Till Dawn! I know he plays a bit of a creep in that, but still...
    5. jjcool
      "I don't need you to tell me how f*cking good my coffee is, okay? I'm the one who buys it. I know how good it is. When Bonnie goes shopping she buys sh*t."
      The delivery of that line in Pulp Fiction is so bad that it always pulls me right out of the movie. I would rank his performance as Jimmy in Pulp Fiction as one of the worst performances in recent memory. Followed closely by his performance in Desperado.
    6. Gemini-Phoenix
      Haha! That's probably the one movie line I quote the most in real life, swapping coffee for other contextual items - For example, "I don't need you to tell me how f*cking good my SteelBook collection is, okay? I'm the one who buys it. I know how good it is."

      I often think David Hewlett (from Stargate Atlantis) is a lot like Tarantino, in looks and acting style. If they ever made a documentary about Tarantino, then I would want Hewlett to play him!
    7. jjcool
      That film is full of quotable lines. I absolutely love the line. Tarantino just kills it in the delivery though. In a bad way. Like he is trying so hard to be a bad mfer, where it just comes so easily to Sam Jackson.
    8. mr-sinner
      Just had email from zavvi saying price is 19.99 now..
    9. Gemini-Phoenix
      Had the same eMail just come through. I think they have realised that SteelBook interest is evaporating, and they can't get away with charging so much anymore...

    10. virkia
      New release date for this = 18th Jan.
    11. Gemini-Phoenix
      They must have only just changed that, as I checked yesterday and it still said the 11th. Probably want to hype it up a bit more over this weekend during their "Tarantino event"...
    12. Gemini-Phoenix
      I can confirm that this has #13 on the spine.
    13. Gemini-Phoenix
      So it seems this didn't occur, and I ended up paying the initial pre-order price! In hindsight, I should have cancelled straight away and re-ordered, but why should I have to go through that hassle? Lesson learned, and will certainly be doing that in future!
    14. Mark McKay
      Mark McKay
      Has anyone received this yet ?
      What extras are there on this release ?
    15. virkia
      A few have been received but the only comments I've seen have been about the translucent slipcovers which are described as having a "cloudy" appearance unlike the U.S. slips which are crystal clear. This issue has now been resolved by Scanavo with confirmation that the cloudy appearance of the slipcovers is caused by a transparent protective film (which peels off) that has been applied to them.

      Regarding Extras I'd guess these are the same as on previous releases in the U.K. as I'm pretty sure it's the same disc inside and looking at the back of the data card on a previous release I can see:-

      - Commentary with Tarantino, producer Lawrence Bender and selected cast and crew
      - Pulp Factoid Viewer: insider information about Reservoir Dogs and its sources of information
      - Critics' Commentaries (Any Taubin, Peter Travers and Emanuel Levy)
      - Playing it Fast and Loose: an insightful documentary about the impact and ripple effect of Reservoir Dogs from its release in 1992 and how it has helped redefine contemporary cinema
      - Profiling the Reservoir Dogs: a unique perspective into the criminal minds of the film's colourful characters
      - Tipping Guide: proper tipping etiquette Reservoir Dogs style
      - Deleted Scenes (6)
      - The Class of '92: Sundance Interviews
      - Tarantino's Sundance Institute film-maker's lab
      - An Introduction to Film Noir: writers' and film-makers' featurette
      - Location Scouting: securing the shot with Billy Fox
      - Original Interviews with Tarantino and cast
      - Deleted Scenes (x6)
      - Reservoir Dolls
      - K- Billy Super Sounds of the '70's.
      - Reservoir Dogs Style Guide
      - Dedications: Tarantino on his influences

      Phew . . . that's quite a list !
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    16. Mark McKay
      Mark McKay
      Thank You - An incredibly comprehensive answer.
      I appreciate it.
    17. virkia
      GBP 15.99 at the time of writing (in the Zavvi Spring Sale).

      The sale also includes a handful of newish SteelBook releases (from February) well-priced @GBP 9.99 including THE COLOR OF MONEY, HANCOCK, SIGNS, TEARS OF THE SUN, TOMBSTONE and KING ARTHUR.
    18. virkia
      Pics courtesy SteelBooks-aus jaseacejaseace InAFalsetto Moon





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