By Eldorado on Dec 31, 2017 at 3:56 PM
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    We used to have PS3_Kiwi be the first one to celebrate the New Year in New Zealand...but he's no longer with us.

    He would be followed by the members from Western Europe, like Navelludd, Tutter...but they left sometime during the year.

    We're now eight people located in North America and the UK. Myself, Danno82, DemonRik, Gemini-Phoenix, AWilko1982, LWilko1982 (seems like a good year for SBH members), Giboon and Dragonman. Other members draft in and out, but the Elite Eight are our core.

    No other forum can claim an one-to-one ratio between moderators and members. We don't deal in high numbers, can't be challenged to a football match or a baseball game by HDN, but we could fill a counter at a pub and have a good time. I much rather would do that that getting lost in a a crowd with hundreds of people I barely know or care to,

    Maybe in 2018 we''ll make it to ten.

    Happy 2018! I hope we all get the SteelBooks we want, not the SteelBooks we deserve.


Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldorado, Dec 31, 2017.

    1. LWilko1982
      Couldn't have put it any better Eldorado (y) here's to 2018 May it be as lucrative as 2017 for SteelBooks
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    2. AWilko 82
      AWilko 82
      Well I just got home 35 minutes ago from a New Year celebration with friends got a raging headache from a bottle of southern comfort and several shots of captain morgan and a glass of champagne but it was worth it :confused: but happy new year to all happy hunting for 2018 ;)
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    3. danno82
      Happy new year to all my fellow SteelBook Hunterz. You 7 guys are awesome. Haha.

      Here’s to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018 to us all.
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    4. Giboon
      I'm always happy to be considered "Elite" :) Happy New Year to you all!
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    5. Gemini-Phoenix
      Well, what it lacks in substance, it more than makes up for in facts. Thank you, @Eldorado, for honouring our SBH tradition of an end-of-year thread, even if it is a bit short and to the point. I know I said you didn't need to puff it out, but it made me feel like you were reading a sermon at a funeral! ;)

      I'll provide the fluff:

      I believe @PS3_Kiwi is still floating about, but after some terrible real life circumstances, he has chosen to put SteelBook collecting on the back-burner. We appreciate his input whenever he is around, and feel sorry for the circumstances that he has endured. Perhaps one day he will pop in for a chat and let us all know how he's getting along. :)

      @navelludd and @Tutter will always be missed, as will their epic input and dedication to the site over the years. Alas, they both disappeared into the great Norse sunset to become manly lumberjacks, at one with nature... Probably.

      @Eldorado continues to aid myself and @DemonRik in the general upkeep of SBH, as well as being an invaluable source of dry American humour (with a "U") in the Shoutbox, and acts as the extreme antipode of myself. Just a little older, hairier, and not quite as charming! ;)

      @danno82 stepped-up to become moderator, and generally fills in while the rest of us are away, as well as helping out with a lot of Canadian releases that would otherwise be overlooked. He often alerts us of new Canadian releases that the rest of the world received several months later, so it is always handy to have that early warning of what to expect down the line.

      The Wilko brothers, aka @AWilko 82 and @LWilko1982, always provide invaluable input in the threads, and it is always nice to read their comments on the forums and in chat. It is especially amusing when the two disagree about something. :)

      Both @Giboon and @Dragonman have helped me no end since they joined the site, and regularly provide us with those all important URL's, making my life easier, and saving me having to manually search for the information that I need to keep the database and Definitive threads up-to-date. For that I am very grateful, and I appreciate what you both do to help out here! Your input is much appreciated! :)

      I'd also like to mention @Chris Batterton here for the first time, who like @Giboon and @Dragonman, has helped me out with URL's and SteelBook artwork where appropriate. As you all know, I find it very helpful when others put these details under my nose where I can refer to them, and I would like to show my gratitude.

      @Collector03601 Often pops in from time to time and provides us with regular photo updates.

      @DemonRik has done an exemplary job of keeping the site running, and making it run smoother than it has ever done, and ensuring that the small friendly community that we have here remains intact. The site has become much more user-friendly over the last year, and much faster and easier to use, despite one very minor disagreement over a particular site feature that nearly divided us like The Avengers. At the end of the day we are truly grateful for all he has done, and hope that he continues to look after us for as long as possible! All hail the king!

      As for myself, I have had ups and downs over the last year like everybody else, although perhaps the most significant downer was early in the year when I accidentally deleted the content from the 2017 Definitive thread, which took me weeks to restore! I also spent most of November without an internet connection, but thanks to the support from several members here, I was able to catch-up easily! Perhaps the biggest change for me this year is turning another collecting hobby into something that is able to sustain itself, and helps fund my SteelBook addiction! I now almost have my SteelBook collecting back on track, and am desperately playing catch-up with a lot of releases that I have missed over the last 18 months.

      2017 saw one major change that affects us all and I feel we should all acknowledge. 4K UHD. A brand new format that burst onto the scene making a lot of noise! After the shaky start that the Blu-Ray format initially had, I don't think any of us were quite prepared for how popular the 4K UHD format was to become, and in such a short space of time! Despite the huge cost of 4K media, and 4K SteelBooks in particular, it seems to have made a huge impact with collectors. I am seeing a lot of collectors on social media posting large collections of black Amaray cases, and the 4K SteelBook titles seem to sell out rather too quickly for my liking, although many have had very small print runs, and most share artwork with their 2D/3D counterparts. There appears to be a lot of buzz around the new format right now, especially since the XboxOne S and XboxOne X started supporting 4K discs (unfortunately the PS4 is now trailing behind, which is odd seeing as Sony is one of the primary developers of the format in the first place).

      Looking forward at the year ahead, I predict that 4K SteelBooks will become more prevalent, and hopefully the prices will drop to a more reasonable price per release before this time next year - £25 seems a fair maximum price for new 4K releases, but £32+ right now is taking the piss out of consumers just a little bit! Hopefully 4K will be reserved primarily for new releases and it will be a long while before we see 4K remasters of catalogue titles, meaning there will still be a place for your average everyday 2D/3D Blu-Ray SteelBooks. I also hope to see far less re-releases of existing SteelBook titles, as well as an end to this trend of re-releasing titles with identical artwork as SteelBooks that we already have. I would like to see more SteelBook releases for titles that we don't yet have, but are worthy of the SteelBook treatment - The UK back catalogue, for example, has a lot of filler titles that many would argue didn't really warrant a SteelBook release in the first place, so I would like to see more quality titles, and less shovelware. I would also like to see an end to this awful trend of Pop-Art artwork, and see a higher quality of release - The re-release of Jumanji achieves the rare feat of being a worthy re-release, and also raising the bar in terms of quality! I would like to think that 2018 will see fewer SteelBooks released compared to the last few years, but the quality will be much higher...

      Last of all, I would like to honour @EverythingBlu here. It's difficult to deny that 2017 has been their year, with some outstanding quality releases - notably exclusives Shaun Of The Dead and The Mummy Trilogy, which really stand out from the crowd! Kudos where it is due!

      PS. Perhaps in 2018 @Giboon might finally add an avatar! ;)
    6. AWilko 82
      AWilko 82
      Hear hear hat's off Sir. (y)
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    7. CollectorEmtee
      Nicely put @Eldorado and @Gemini-Phoenix (y)

      Its great to see the SBH community is still active, I always liked the fact it was a smaller community rather than a large crowd, SBH was also one of the first things that boosted my collecting bug and its still pretty addictive :)

      I like to pop in from time to time and see whats new, enjoying to look through pictures of your latest SteelBook purchases which in the end is costing me much more, because I realise how many I have missed :LOL:

      Dont have much time to enjoy collecting as I did back then, but Im still hoping I will get to a point where I will have more time to discuss and share.

      Thank you all for still being here and All The Best In 2018! (y)
    8. Eldorado
      I apologize for the oversight, @Collector03601. We're the no-one-is-better nine with you.
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    9. Gemini-Phoenix
      All I need is a few more of you, and I'll have a full set of Apostles! Just be aware that I may disappear for a weekend at the end of March... ;)
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    10. PS3_Kiwi
      Hi All,

      Just decided to have a peek into the forum. Read this thread, and thought that I would let you all know how my collecting is going.

      I'm concentrating on 4K UHD collecting and viewing. I have several hybrid 4K BD SteelBooks, and a total of 35 4K movies. Only collecting new releases (Pacific Rim and Blade Runner being the exceptions). I blind buy all of my movies (gave up the Cinema years ago), so I need to read five or six reviews before I buy.

      Like BD's when they first appeared on the scene, some of the catalog releases are not worth collecting, but some of the new releases have jaw dropping PQ and AQ, especially if you have a Dolby Atmos/DTS:X setup.
      Watched Hacksaw Ridge 4K yesterday, and it was :eek:. Blade Runner 2049 has some great reviews. I have it in my collection, but haven't watched it yet. Some say its the best 4K disc yet.

      My old 2011 Samsung 64" Plasma suddenly died in November (R.I.P.). I have replaced it with a Sony 65" XBR-X930E LCD (not gone to OLED yet, maybe another 5 years.), and it is arguably the best LCD 4K TV of 2017. My Panasonic 58" DX902B in my Man Cave gets used more than the Sony, and is every bit as good. My wife likes to watch her reality programs, so no chance of using the Sony until she goes to work. Yes, I'm a kept man now :D, been retired for over two years.

      Wife and I went on a cruise of the South Pacific just before Christmas. Amazingly, we bumped into my old flatmate from my UK days. We hadn't seen or heard from each other for 42 years, so we had a lot of catching up to do, and with full glasses of course :)

      My son in the UK sent me three 4K SteelBooks for Christmas. War for the Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Alien Covenant. Enjoyed them all. Alien Covenant was much better than the reviews that I had read. It probably helped that I watched Prometheus again directly before Covenant. Australasia not getting many 4K SteelBooks, but we have got Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and we will be getting Justice League. Didn't buy Kingsman because the movie is not quite up to my high standards :D

      I still collect Disney/Pixar BD SteelBooks, and recently added The Good Dinosaur and Cars 3, which completed my SteelBook collection for every release since the original Toy Story. Coco is the next one I need to Acquire. One thing I don't like about the Disney Steels, is that they don't put the title anywhere on the SteelBook. I see that some of Zavvi's releases have now got the title on them, but still not getting them over here. I found a member over at, who has made up magnetic spines, for SteelBooks without titles on the spine. He also has made up one for the Best Buy Deadpool, which has the title in the wrong direction. The spines are very reasonably priced, and I have just ordered four for Doctor Strange, The Jungle Book, Finding Dory and War for the Planet of the Apes. No SteelBook surgery needed. The magnetic spines just stick over the original spine, and look great.

      I will log in occasionally to keep an eye on you all, and post any news that I have.

      Happy 2018 to you all
      Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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    11. assassin
      Happy New Year (in February) everyone!

      Sorry I missed the official new year (and the tail end of last year). I had some unfortunate stuff hit various family members in the months leading up to 2018 and continued in Jan/Feb, but I'm still here. That said, thanks for forgetting about me @Eldorado! Gone for a few months and I'm not part of the "Elite Eight". :cry: Maybe we can make that the Neat Nine? The Gnarly Nine? Oh well. :p

      In all seriousness though, I do want to wish everyone here a very happy new year. SBH is something that means a lot to me and a place that is free from the negativity that other forums and places have. I have made posts about it, so I won't go into it, but I still remember finding this place so long ago. We had tons of different members at the time, and things have changed over the years, but this community is still here and I'm glad to be a part of it. Cheers to a bright and wonderful new year, for SteelBook collecting and more!
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    12. Gemini-Phoenix
      @Eldorado Nearly that time of year again! I hope it's a worthwhile read this year! You've had 12 months to work on it, after all... ;)
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    13. Eldorado
      Nagging won't get you anywhere...

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