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    Definitive list of forthcoming UK Blu-Ray SteelBooks - 2019 Edition

    [2012] [2013] [2014] [2015] [2016] [2017] [2018]

    (Disney / Pixar)
    (Eureka! Masters Of Cinema)
    (FOX / MGM)
    (Sony / SPHE)
    (Studio Canal)
    (Warner Bros)

    [AMZ] =
    [ARW] =
    [EB] = EverythingBlu
    [EUR!] = Eureka!
    [HMV] = (UK)
    [WWE] = WWE
    [ZAV] =
    [ZOOM] =

    UK Blu-Ray SteelBook releases
    UK 4K UHD Blu-Ray SteelBook releases

    UK 4K UHD Blu-Ray SteelBook Checklist Thread 2018

    UK Disney / Pixar Blu-Ray SteelBook Checklist Thread
    UK Marvel / DC Comics Blu-Ray SteelBook Checklist Thread
    UK Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray SteelBook Checklist Thread

    Here's a list of forthcoming UK Blu-Ray SteelBooks:

    .14 January - Doctor Who - Season 11 (Amazon UK exclusive) [AMZ]
    28 January - Frozen (MONDO #30) (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    28 January - Reign Of The Supermen [AMZ] [HMV] [ZAV] [ZOOM]
    .28 January - The Predator 4K (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]

    04 February - Pinocchio (MONDO #31) (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    04 February - Venom (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    ?04 February - Venom 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV]
    ?04 February - Venom 4K Box Set (HMV exclusive) [HMV]
    ?11 February - A Star Is Born (HMV exclusive) [HMV]
    .18 February - First Man 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV] [ZAV]
    .25 February - Halloween (2018) 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV] [ZAV]
    .25 February - Schindler's List (25th Anniversary) 4K (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]

    .04 March - Bohemian Rhapsody (Amazon UK exclusive) [AMZ]
    .04 March - Schindler's List 4K (EB BluPack #001) (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    .04 March - The World's End (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    .04 March - The World's End (w/ Full Slipcover) (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    .04 March - The World's End (w/ Lenticular Slipcover) (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    .04 March - The World's End (Collector's Edition) (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    .18 March - Doctor Who - The Macra Terror [AMZ] [HMV] [ZAV] [ZOOM]
    18 March - Ring (Zavvi exclusive) [AMZ] [ZAV]

    .01 April - Annihilation 4K (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    .22 April - Mortal Engines 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV] [ZAV]









    Awaiting release dates and / or links:

    ?2019 - Aquaman 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV]
    .2019 - Bumblebee (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    .2019 - Bumblebee 4K (HMV exclusive) [AMZ] [HMV] [ZAV] [ZOOM]
    ?2019 - Creed 2 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV]
    ?2019 - Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV]
    .2019 - King Kong 4K (2005) (EB BluPack #002) (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    2019 - Mary Poppins Returns (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    2019 - Mary Poppins Returns 4K (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    .2019 - Overlord 4K (HMV exclusive) [HMV] [ZAV]
    .2019 - Pitch Black (EB BluPack #003) (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    2019 - Ralph Breaks The Internet (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    2019 - Spider-Man - Into The Spider-Verse (animated) (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    ?2019 - Spider-Man - Into The Spider-Verse 4K (animated) (HMV exclusive) [HMV]
    .2019 - The Girl In The Spider's Web 4K (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]
    2019 - The Nutcracker And The Four Realms (Zavvi exclusive) [ZAV]

    Rumoured forthcoming releases:

    .xx xxxxxxx - Casino 4K (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]
    .xx xxxxxxx - The Mummy - The Book Of The Living 4K (EB BluPick #004) (EverythingBlu exclusive) [EB]

    Cancelled releases:


    I'll update this list as and when release dates get confirmed and links are up to pre-order. If you spot any incorrect release dates, please let me know!

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gemini-Phoenix, Dec 29, 2018.

    1. Scottywolves
      Most if not all HMV exclusive SteelBook pre orders have been put on the website as sold out or notify me when in stock, looks like there are no hmv SteelBooks gonna be for sale at the moment dam it looks like it may be the end of HMV
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    2. Gemini-Phoenix
      All except for Creed 2 and Overlord are currently unavailable to pre-order at this time.

      Slightly disconcerting for those who have placed pre-orders and who've paid already via PayPal, as they tend to take funds as soon as you pre-order - unlike Zavvi who takes money upon dispatch. It looks like a lot of HMV customers are going to struggle to claim their money back in light of the situation, although no doubt PayPal should have them protected.
    3. Scottywolves
      Thankfully I don’t pay by PayPal as I’ve never liked paying straight away on HMV hope others have done the same, I just hope we can get the SteelBooks elsewhere but to be honest £30 for a 4K SteelBook is killing my wallet and I don’t have 4K player or tv still annoying that we’ve lost the choice for a normal blu ray SteelBook
    4. Gemini-Phoenix
      Yea, £30 for a SteelBook is really steep, which in one reason that I've been avoiding HMV exclusives for a while now. In a way I feel partly responsible for their downfall as I've not been buying as much as I used to from them, but on the other hand I don't like being ripped off £30 a go either. If they were priced at a more reasonable £23 then I might bite a bit more often, but £30 is a piss-take! I resent paying that for Zavvi Marvel releases, but certainly not for every mediocre HMV exclusive!
    5. Scottywolves
      Looks like zavvi have picked up the HMV exclusive SteelBooks with most of hmv’s exclusives being added on zavvi site, but still £30 for the 4K, looks like I’m gonna stop buying them now at this price, shame though.
    6. Chris
      I’m hoping hmv doesn’t close its doors really hope it can survive going be tricky for me if hmv closes to get SteelBooks here hoping they find a new buyer I be really gutted if d they close
    7. Chris
      Lego ninjago movie is supposed to be being released this year sometime at the moment there is no exact date if or when it will be released it’s rumoured to be in may or June I’m hoping they get SteelBook releases but i don’t think they will release it be nice if they did I keep everyone updated on the latest when I know.

      Attached Files:

    8. Chris
      Latest update on hmv just heard today that hmv might survive for another 5 years if lucky but as we wait and hope I keep having a feeling this won’t be the case and it’s the end of an era for such a great store I feel it still was doing well but if all close down I will find it a struggle as I said before to get hold of SteelBooks also off the subject of SteelBooks as soon as all the high street shops close online will put the prices up feel like where coming into the digital era to quick feel like the high street needs 10 or 15 years before it goes would like everyone opinions on this and what you think
    9. PS3_Kiwi
      Well, personally I have already set myself up with a fibre broadband connection, and I buy movies from iTunes in UHD for a fraction of the price of physical media. I still buy SteelBooks and UHD discs, but not anywhere near as many as I used to. I'm also happy to buy my media online, and very rarely visit the JB Hi Fi store in Christchurch.

      As to your question on high street stores, I believe that most, if not all, will disappear in the next 2 to 3 years. Leaving us with online stores, and streaming services. Disney+ streaming service is expected to be available later in 2019, and will be a great place to get all things MCU.
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    10. Chris
      I am not ready to be doing online streaming yet I feel that owning a physical copy of a dvd blu Ray or 4K is the genuine products also I feel the high street will still be around for another 10 years some people like myself really enjoy the he high street but will have wait and see
    11. PS3_Kiwi
      How many High St. stores beside HMV are there in the UK.

      We only have JB Hi Fi, but they are also a full appliance store as well as selling disc media.
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    12. Chris
    13. Chris
      Just got a wait and see what the outcome will be now only time will tell not seen any news on hmv buyer yet I feel confident it get bought out
    14. Gemini-Phoenix
      That sell physical media? None. Well, we have GAME that occasionally sells Blu-Rays, and CEX sells just pre-owned, plus the supermarkets all sell newly released chart blockbusters and cheap bargain bin titles, but aside from that HMV is our last Bastion on the high street for things like CD's, DVD's, and Blu-Rays. Certainly the only place you can go if you care about checking slipcover conditions or hand-picking a Collector's Edition
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