I know we are getting the Iron Man SteelBook in September, but is anyone thinking about picking up the UK Exclusive XBox 360 SteelBook from I just read someone from joblo says the case has no writing on it, it just says IronMan on the spine. I am hoping we get the same case, but I'm sure it will have some writing on the cover. I don't know what the back looks like, says, but I think it would look cool to get the R1 SteelBook and this XBox 360 one also. If it has any writing on the back, then I'll probably pass on it since it would be related to the game. I don't even have a freaking XBox 360, but I'm so tempted to order this one. It's priced at 24.99 pounds, + 4.95 pounds for shipping to the USA. It comes out to $49.36 + $9.78 shipping, or $59.14 total. I think the shipping is a flat rate, so it might be possible to order a few of these and spread the shipping over several copies.

Does anyone know if XBox 360 games are region coded? My nephew has a console, and if he can use the game, I'll give it to him as a gift or maybe sell it to him for $15-25 if possible to offset the cost. It's a bit more than I would want to pay for a SteelBook if I can't sell off/gift the game, but it definately would be different from everyone else's R1 SteelBook, and it looks sweet without any lettering on it.

Here are some photos (I know, we've seen these already, couldn't resist though):

And here's a link to the place to buy it:
Iron Man UK SteelBook XBox 360

Does anyone know what this one looks like on the back or the inside?
I pre-ordered the following SteelBooks from DVD Empire:

Battle 360: The Complete Season One (August 26, 2008) *
The Breed (Sept 16, 2008) **
Immortal (August 19, 2008) *
Paris, Je T'aime (Nov 18, 2008) **
The Proposition (August 19, 2008) *
Shockwave: The Complete Season One (August 26, 2008) *
Sukiyaki Western Django - Bloody Benton Cover (Nov 11, 2008) **
Sukiyaki Western Django - Gunslinger Cover (Nov 11, 2008) **
Sukiyaki Western Django - Pay Off Cover (Nov 11, 2008) **
Trans-Siberian (Nov 4, 2008) **
UFO Hunter: The Complete Season One *

* $15.00 coupon used
** $18.00 coupon used

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If anyone is interested, I can get them. LMK

Here are the specs:

Transformers (DVD 2007) 2-Disc SteelBook Limited Edition R6
Directed by Michael Bay

DVD format: Region 6 / PAL

Disc 1 - The film
English soundtrack Dolby 5.1, Mandarin soundtrack Dolby 5.1 and English commentary
Subtitle options: English, Mandarin, Off

Disc 2 - Special features
All in English with optional subtitles: English, Mandarin, Off

100% authentic Danish SteelBook
Original studio release by CAV Warner Home Entertainment

The menus are in Chinese. If you really like the cover, then I'd suggest swapping out the discs for R1 like I'm planning to do.



Also, WyckedDreamz, can we add R6 and R9 to this part of the forum? They are both specific to Asia too.