I was browsing through megastore.se, and I see several SteelBooks with a release date of May 6, 2009.  I see Duel, 12 Monkeys, Backdraft, Deer Hunter, and Total Recall among others.  Anyone know anything about these yet?  (Tutter, I'm looking in your direction..lol)
[GERMANY] Death Race - Region ABC

SteelBook Release Submitted by Phil

DVD Title:Death Race
DVD Publisher:Universal Pictures
UPC Code:000000000000
Number of Discs:1 Disc
Country of Release:Germany
Release Date:2009 - April - 9
Store Exclusive?:Yes
Which Store if exclusive?:MediaMarkt
Region Code:ABC
Additional Comments:IMDb / uncut.ch
SteelBook Cover (Use HTML tag):
so far i only have two.. but i will admit i don't mind i like them, and if i can get other metal paks i dont mind... so if i ever get more i will post them here...

this metal pack has hinges... will take more pictures of these sometime this week..