This game came out in a Limited Edition SteelBook in Spain only on PS3. It's now out of print.

It comes with a bonus DVD with a Making Of and other bonus feature. It normally comes with the game in an amaray case (à la The Spirit's German BD SteelBook), but I bought it used and got it solely with the case and the two discs, no booklet. I already owned the game so...

Here are some pics:


More pics here.
I know DVDAF isn't complete but here's a listing of every HD/BD SteelBooks™.
I took the link of my own collection because browsing Region A and B with SteelBook™ for search criteria shows about half of the real total.

DVDAF listing for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD SteelBook™

So you don't have to check them individually I did it for you guys.

Iam not sure if this has been asked.
Wondering what are the rarer and harder ones to get.

I thought the Silent Hill 'Red' Virgin Megastore was numbered and limited, but I guess not rare.

Saw III there is one that is numbered, is that rare/hard-to-find?

What others?