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Ultimate Death Trance - Deluxe Edition (R1, USA)

A mysterious man known as Grave (Tak Sakaguchi) has stolen a coffin from a holy temple. The coffin is said to grant any wish, a fact that compels other nefarious characters to come after it - eventually leading to an all-out back-and-forth battle for its possession. Unbeknownst to any of them, the Goddess of Destruction has orchestrated all of this in order to be released from her prison with every intention of unleashing total devestation on the natural world.

Region 1, NTSC, 2 discs. English and Japanese audio with optional English subtitles. Features include making-of, behind the action scenes, “Sakaguchi Goes Abroad”, character featurettes.

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Well it looks like ALL German Blu-ray Steelbooks will now be region locked to Zone B. Kinowelt has been taken over by French Film Studio Studio Canal who are known to region lock their BD's (all French BD's produced by them or any of their subsidiaries are locked) So before you order that lovely Fight Club Steelbook, be warned.. Jury is still out on the Dark Knight Blu-ray SteelBook. Though the SATC was locked and it was marketed by Warner. I just canceled my SATC, Hancock, Leon and Fight Club from