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DVD Title:Predator / Predator 2 / Commando
DVD Publisher:20th Century Fox
UPC Code:4010232044648
Number of Discs:3 Disc
Country of Release:Germany
Release Date:2008 - November - 7
Store Exclusive?:Yes
Which Store if exclusive?:Unknown
Region Code:R2
Additional Comments:
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SteelBook Release Submitted by Monster

DVD Title:The Universe: The Complete Season 3
UPC Code:0000000000000
Number of Discs:4 Disc
Country of Release:USA
Release Date:2009 - April - 28
Store Exclusive?:No
Which Store if exclusive?:Unknown
Region Code:R1
Additional Comments:Immerse yourself in more spectacular space exploration with SEASON THREE of this epic series from HISTORY. A virtual collision of astronomy and history, each enlightening episode utilizes strikingly realistic computer recreations and animations to provide unprecedented insight into the mysteries of our universe, and beyond.

From bizarre clouds to the hypothetical Planet X, from space disasters to space sex and the possibility of terrifying cosmic collisions, experience space in a whole new way - not through a telescope or textbook, but firsthand. With THE UNIVERSE, you'll feel like you've traveled to the edge of the unknown.

THE UNIVERSE: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE includes all 12 original episodes on 4 DVDs:

11/11/08 Deep Space Disasters
11/18/08 Parallel Universes
11/25/08 Light Speed
12/2/08 Sex in Space
12/9/08 Alien Faces
12/16/08 Deadly Comets and Meteors
12/23/08 Living In Space
1/6/09 Stopping Armageddon
1/13/09 Another Earth
1/27/09 Strangest Things
tbd/09 Cosmic Phenomena
tbd/09 Edge of Space

BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage
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Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence  BluRay Japan is NOT a SteelBook.... some kind of -imho- EXTREMELY cheap and lousy lookin Metalcrap