Didn't find a topic on this one.

Received mine from mr.b via the steelbook giveaway.

Hadn't seen many in stores....once at Wherehouse for 29.99, however I just checked Best Buy and it looks like they got a shipment in. There were about 7 of them (for awhile they didn't have any) and they are priced at 14.99
ok i have a question, how rare is the Sweeney Todd steelbook.. i have a brand new one sealed no dents and or dings... i have it up on my trade list... i did not like this movie..

but can anyone tell me its value and or how rare...

I would buy this in a heartbeat if I didn't already have all of the movies (which are in gift set) and if the shipping wasn't so insanely expensive. Still, part of me REALLY wants this thing.


The damn thing is 2 feet long! I WANTS IT!